Product Descriptions for
a Large Actionsports Shop.

SkatePro is an online shop for skates, scooters, boards, BMX, surf and winter sports and offer 20.000+ products. The company using AX Semantics to generate unique product descriptions.

A product description generated with the AX Semantics software

What the company has achieved with automated content:

  • SkatePro have generated product descriptions for 3.000 products in 17 different languages in 6 months thanks to automated content generation.
  • All 24 hours they refresh all data to be sure they don’t miss anything.
  • The company makes sure that the focus and all important information are in the first two lines of the product description. The reason for this is that users do not read.  

How to automate product descriptions with AX Semantics

AX Semantics is a self-service Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that allows you to generate unique and high-quality category descriptions in 110 languages. 

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AX Semantics: E-Commerce Content Solution

AX Semantics is your self-service Natural Language Generation software to write unique product descriptions and category texts for your online shop incredibly fast. Learn more about AX content automation for e-commerce.

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