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Hybrid Writing in Media & Publishing aka “Robot Journalism"

News-writing robots work alongside humans to improve output quantity and create smarter content.

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"Publishers use our NLG software for election reporting or data-based journalism such as pollution-level monitoring, stock table earnings, sports scores and crime blotters — freeing up journalists to work on more creative, engaging journalism or hard-hitting investigative stories."
Robert Weissgraeber
CTO & Managing Director AX Semantics

Augmented Journalists Make
Media Companies Productive and Efficient

Data-based automated analysis allows for individually and locally oriented news and reports. Ranging from amateur sports reporting to personalized weather content

In a digital world, data journalism provides content producers with a way to formulate insights from available data into publishable structured stories

In the digital age, readers like instant information. For processes like localized information or sensor-based info streams like air pollution, automated content can give readers real time stories.

In sports reporting, automation gives publishers the possibility to broaden into various sport types and audiences like amateur leagues.

Publishing hyper-localised contents gives media companies an edge by being more relevant and up-to-date than competitors could ever be

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