Shopfloor management in Magento Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation: applied as shopfloor management in Magento

Realize business model multiplier by utilizing Natural Language Generation and boost your finance revenue to the top. You can,automate the coypwriting of shopfloor management and get business model multiplier, because commentary, reports and insights will bring business model multiplier to your finance project.

Want to know how this works?

From your business intelligence it is quick to generate commentary, reports and insights employing the Natural Language Generation SaaS App of AX Semantics Team. It also offers an API that makes connecting a BI platform like PowerBI, Tableau, QLIK or SAP a no brainer.

How widespread is Natural Language Generation?

In the United Kingdom already 50 customers are already using AX Semantics’ Natural Language Generation Platform for dashboards and reports. This innovation is already used by Deloitte and BASF and many other companies. Their commentaries, their reports and their insights are being written automatically based on attributes of their business intelligence and updated using the API of Magento and many other finance systems (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau, QLIK or SAP). Tonality, style, and content are defined by a trusted human copywriter first. This assures that the output feels human, warm and friendly.

How do you utilize this for yourself?

Business model multiplier through better commentary, reports and insights has a plentitude of advantages. Decision makers who feel well informed are more likely to buy and good and clear descriptions also reduce the number of articles returned on your Magento Shop. The use of Natural Language Generation impacts your bottom line in multiple ways. Not to mention that you save time and money when content is written automatically. Do you want to learn how to optimize your writing and get finance that really get your decision makers to understand, decide and react? Here’s how – read more about Natural Language Generation

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