Sum-Up User Meetup: Automated News Streams, E-Commerce Texts and More

Yesterday, Wednesday 13 March, the first User Meetup for users of the AX NLG Cloud and those interested in text automation took place in the offices of AX Semantics in Stuttgart. In addition to some lectures, there was an inspiring exchange in a relaxed atmosphere with tasty snacks and drinks.

Automated News Streams

Christian Meyer, Managing Partner of uNaice GmbH, started the event with his lecture on the topic of automated news streams. With the News Aggregator from uNaice, it is possible to access up to 50 sources and filter out articles on specific topics using defined keywords. With the software of AX Semantics this content can be automatically extended by an individualized introduction or social media announcement, curated on your own website in the form of a news stream and shared on social media. In this way, uNaice has already significantly increased traffic to its website and generated new leads.

150,000 Product Descriptions

Afterwards, Kerstin Queiser, editor at Kemmler Baustoffe, presented her project for the automated texting of 150,000 products in the Kemmler online shop and provided insights into the project procedure. Since the number of products at Kemmler is so high, she first created a rather general text concept (horizontal approach), with which she can generate a short text for all products. In this way she was able to publish an individual text for all products in the online shop within a short time. Now she proceeds step by step and creates detailed text concepts for each product category with the software (vertical procedure). In this way, she can gradually replace the general texts with detailed product descriptions.

How to write lively texts

At the end of the lecture series Lisa Weidmann from AX Semantics gave an impulse to the topic “How do I create lively product texts?”. The result was that in the case of automated texting, the main thing is to use different layers of information for the text. The first information layer then consists of the product properties and the facts about the text. But only by adding the second information layer and linking facts with evaluations, classifications, background information on the brand etc. does the text tell a lively story and can convince the reader.

The conversations outside the official lectures were also particularly valuable: The mix of experienced users and interested parties has opened up new perspectives for both sides.

We would like to thank all participants and look forward to the next User Meetup on May 9th in Munich!

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