The transformation from an interested person to a customer is the decisive step for a company to make more profit.

Many companies have the problem that they have a lot of traffic on their websites but still not enough buying customers. The question here is why potential customers leave the shop after they have looked at a product? At which point does one have to optimize in order to increase the conversion rate?

The Holy Grail is the product description. It determines whether a customer converts, i.e. actually decides to buy or not. A good product text has to take a number of things into account. It should not only provide the customer with all information about the product correctly, but also give the customer the feeling that he has exactly the right product. Above all with large shopping platforms the demand for such product texts increases exponentially. This mass of texts confronts editors with a task that can hardly be mastered with man-power alone. In order to relieve editors and better inform customers, we have developed a tool that makes it possible to generate countless texts within seconds: Hybride Content Editing. We have numerous customers who use this superpower to increase their conversion rate every day.

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Content AI – used for chatbots in Magento

Content AI can help you realize conversion and make your ecommerce business more successful. Automate the coypwriting of chatbots and get conversion, because product descriptions and category pages


Textrobot – get your monthly reports in Shopware

Achieve conversion by utilizing Textrobot and boost your ecommerce business to the top. Automate the coypwriting of monthly reports and achieve conversion, because product descriptions and category pages