Various challenges come up for online retailers regarding their copywriting:

While their whole business, from purchasing to logistics, is already utilizing scaled solutions for their problems, scaled content production is still done by using more manual labor: copywriting is still a manual task
majority of items languishs without content, forfeiting rankings and traffic to those and slowing customer engangement.
Updating SKUs require manual effort sorting through the existing content to make sure all product descriptions are up to date (the iPhone 7 does not have a “break through camera tech” anymore!).

Competition in the e-Commerce sector is more intense than ever. Companies are required design an experience that is both personal and SEO-friendly at a scale that can support millions of products and tailored for mobile, online, and social channels.

Nowadays, E-Commerce Texts are produced in high quality and scale using software. E.g. Kemmler writes 150.000 product descriptions for their online-shop fully automated.

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NLG: A Confession from Unaice

Reading Time: 2 minutes At AX Semantics we rely on a large network of partners. We are taking some time here in the blog to introduce our partners.


Content AI – used for chatbots in Magento

Content AI can help you realize conversion and make your ecommerce business more successful. Automate the coypwriting of chatbots and get conversion, because product descriptions and category pages


Textrobot – get your monthly reports in Shopware

Achieve conversion by utilizing Textrobot and boost your ecommerce business to the top. Automate the coypwriting of monthly reports and achieve conversion, because product descriptions and category pages