Retail is not only dependent on the economy, but also on external factors such as advertising. The marketing management of every GmbH is faced with the question:
How do I present products in such a way that they sell best?
Product texts play an important role here. In industry it is incredibly important to formulate product texts in such a way that on the one hand they arouse or encourage the customer’s buying interest and on the other hand they convey correct and helpful information about the product. This is just as true for wholesalers as it is for smaller retailers. If, for example, in the fashion industry a pair of trousers is advertised, it is not only helpful for the customer to know which materials the trousers are made of, but also to be given an occasion or a possible combination.
The marketing managers of the retail trade and the wholesale trade have the great opportunity to not only better advise their industry, be it in the field of fashion or electronics, through product descriptions, but also to bind them to themselves in the long term. We at AX-Semantics have numerous customers, in wholesale and retail, such as, whose visibility in search engines after they let us generate product descriptions has skyrocketed explosively. Now enjoy the benefits of automatic text generation and produce thousands of product descriptions in any language within seconds. You don’t know exactly what product descriptions are all about? No problem, read everything you need to know about this topic in our blog posts.

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