Generate text from your data with our Natural Language Generation platform.

With our tool you have numerous possibilities to automatically generate high-quality texts. Take a look at the features at a glance!

Multi- and Cross Language Text Generation

  • MULTI-LANGUAGE: Generate text in any of our 110 languages.
  • CROSS-LANGUAGE: Convert your input data set into other languages.
  • REGIONAL: Adapt your content to regional language variations (like Brazilian Portuguese).

Natural Language Output based on Structured Data

  • NLG: Convert Data into high-quality written text.
  • DATA STRUCTURE AGNOSTIC: Configure your project to any kind of data structure.
  • DATA TRANSFORMATION: Clean or transform your data according to your ideas directly in our tool (Full Extract-Transform-Load toolchain).
  • SEVERAL FORMATS: Import and export your data and text output in JSON, CSV or Excel format.

Intuitive Inline Editor

  • REAL-TIME EDITING & LIVE PREVIEW: Write, configure and preview your text elements directly and live in the editor based on your data.
  • COPY/PASTE: Share parts of your configuration between projects through Copy and Paste.
  • UNDO/REDO: Test changes and correct errors easily with Undo and Redo.
  • TEXT FORMATTING: Use Markdown for text formatting and add headlines, boldings and more to your texts.
  • BRANCHES: Branch off at any point of your statement to create variance and compare logical conditions and variations visually.

Easy-To-Use Interface

  • COMPOSER: Write like in any text editor.
  • REVIEW & VERSIONING: Preview your content before generating it and use Draft/Publish states for your projects.
  • GRAMMAR UI: Configure the grammar by clicking and selecting the suitable grammar options.
  • ANALYZE: Explore and analyze your data clearly.
  • NARRATE: Plan your text structure and the different stories you want to tell.
  • LEXICON: Enter project specific grammatical exceptions for domain knowledge.
  • PROJECTS: Create several projects with different data and text output.
  • TEAMS: Easily control access for multiple teams with different team members.

Interactive Tutorials & Live Support

  • LIVE CHAT: Get real-time support by our Customer Success Team.
  • TICKETING SYSTEM: Track issues and support requests with ease.
  • INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS AND GUIDES: Complete the interactive e-learning in the tool to get to know it and benefit from searchable documentations, examples and webinars.

Fully Automated Workflows

  • API: Integrate any system with our REST API.
  • API CLIENT CODE GENERATION: Generate client codes interactively in 13 different programming languages.
  • DIRECT API (WITH EMPHEMERAL COMPUTING): Generate texts in real-time for live integrations (– no data is saved for processing).
  • INSTANT GENERATIONS: Connect your data source to your online shop.
  • TOKEN BASED AUTH: Use the API without giving away your username/password.
  • PLUGINS: Ready-made Plugins for Zapier, Magento and Shopware.
  • WEBHOOKS: Integrate into any system with Push transfer.
  • SIGNED WEBHOOKS: Ensure End-to-End security while publishing automatically.

Flexible License Model

  • MONTHLY CANCELLATION: Try it out without any risk.
  • ON-DEMAND BILLING: No fixed costs – we follow your business needs.
  • FREE TRIAL: See the software yourself with a free trial.
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