The Future Now: Hybrid Content Editing

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If you’re like most successful companies, your demand for content is growing exponentially and testing the limits of your staff. We have the solution: Hybrid Content Editing. The following shows how you can react quickly and effectively to the challenges of content creation.


Growing Demand for Content

There is no question: without editors our economy would be paralyzed. There would be no one to design advertising campaigns, to write blog articles on the latest trends, or to describe products. In recent years an ever-increasing demand for content has resulted from ever-growing media diversity, rising competition, internationality in trade, and fast-moving trends and fashions. This trend is pushing editors to the limits of what is feasible. The human being, whose attention span is at best around 60 minutes, simply does not have the capacity to produce 800 product descriptions, for example, in the shortest possible time without gaps or errors. Due to the growing tasks in the area of content, the editorial profession has changed. To react adequately to this change, an editor needs better and better tools for support. For the engine of our economy to continue to deliver top performance, we must provide it with the best lubricating oil we have: Hybrid Content Editing.


What, exactly, is Hybrid Content Editing?

HCE is a kind of Augmented Intelligence. It allows us to ensure that editors have more time for creative processes without losing productivity. We have developed software that makes it possible to use HCE in all branches. Learned in a few hours, you can use it to generate millions of content items with similar structures to product descriptions according to human specifications. Ingenious enough, but as a bonus, our software can translate the content into any desired language.


For which use cases does Hybrid Content Editing make sense?

At this year’s AXCD, the event that focuses on marketing and text automation, we presented Hybrid Content Editing to an audience of specialists for the first time. Our packed master class on this topic showed how strong the interest in this new key technology really is. There is a great demand for this type of Augmented Intelligence, especially among companies that have to adjust to shortened product cycles even while expanding into the international market with its requirements for multilingual content. It is our vision to get editors up and running quickly with a tool that lets them generate millions of content items according to their ideas in an incredibly effective, precise way. HCE gives you more time for artistic and creative tasks and prevents typos and inconsistencies from slipping in.


The 5 most important advantages of Hybrid Content Editing

  1. Reduced workload for editors, more room for creative processes
  2. Conservation of resources
  3. Error-free product descriptions
  4. Precise product descriptions and therefore fewer returns in online trading
  5. Ability to translate into all languages . 

Give your editors superpowers

Collaboration between human and machine is the prerequisite for economic growth. This truth has been demonstrated by the recently published Gartners Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2019. What has long been a reality in the automobile industry with its joint-gentle and strengthening exoskeletons is now also possible in the editorial and marketing area. Our software supports editors worldwide in their task of meeting the constantly growing demand for content. Hybrid Content Editing – the technology of the future that you can use today!