The Importance of Data for Natural Language Generation (NLG)

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Whitepaper about the topic: The importance of data for Natural Langugage Generation

How a Product Information Management System (PIM) works with NLG​

Targeted product descriptions influence the success and earnings of retail companies to an extent that should not be underestimated. In order to generate good and high-quality texts quickly and automatically for all channels, a good database like a product information management system (PIM) is essential. Thus, good data and automated content go hand in hand.

This whitepaper answers the following questions: 
- What is Natural Language Generation (NLG) and why is it important?​
- What is a Product Information Management System (PIM) and why is good data of such importance?​
- How does a PIM system work with NLG?
- What does the future hold for data value creation and automated text generation (NLG)?

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