PIM & NLG: The Importance of Data for Successful Content Automation

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About the Whitepaper

Targeted product descriptions influence the success and earnings of retail companies to an extent that should not be underestimated. In order to generate good and high-quality texts quickly and automatically for all channels, a good database is essential. Thus, good data and automated writing go hand in hand. However, high-quality data and automated texts are an increasingly important factor, not only for online trading, but also for business intelligence and for the regular and timely generation of financial reports. The reasons for this are examined in more detail in this white paper.

What You Can Expect From This Whitepaper

- What is Natural Language Generation (NLG) and why is it so important?
- What is a Product Information Management System (PIM) and why are good data essential?
- How do PIM systems work in combination with NLG?
- How do PIM and NLG complement each other?
- What’s the future of data value creation and automated text generation (NLG)?

First Look into the Whitepaper

Online trade is booming. As a result, the number of products and services offered in e-commerce and the data in the background is increasing. For this reason, companies need high-quality and unique product texts in ever-increasing quantities. The creation of product descriptions is necessary on the one hand. On the other hand, it is one of the biggest challenges for online commerce, due to the great organizational, manual and financial effort involved. However, if companies approach the topic of product texts without prejudice, some interesting aspects become apparent quickly:

High-quality product texts cause ...
... a direct influence on the conversion in the purchasing process.
... a lower number of returns.
... a higher visibility in search engines.
... more traffic.
... a reduced effort of customer inquiries in service centers.
... a positive product and customer experience and, therefore, an increasing customer loyalty.

Taking these aspects into account, it is worthwhile investing in high-quality product texts. Product descriptions in particular, which have to be produced at short notice, often fall behind. These include descriptions of seasonal products, long-term product range or new collections.
The challenge is to manage the large mass of texts and at the same time keep them up-to-date - and all this within a financially reasonable framework. This is where automated creation of product texts by Natural Language Generation (NLG), comes into play.

What is Natural Language Generation (NLG) and why is it so important?

Currently, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). A sub-category of AI is the automated generation of natural language texts by a software — the Natural Language Generation (NLG). It is also called automated text generation or, colloquially, „text robot“.

Natural Language Generation platforms automatically create natural language and high-quality texts based on the insights gained from data. In the age of omnichannel and personalization, unique texts can be easily and efficiently adapted and converted into new unique texts. Here, the slightest change to the data is of enormous importance. Natural Language Generation, as an interface between humans and machines, is based on a defined set of rules and variances. The automatically generated texts can no longer be distinguished from texts written by humans. This interplay between humans and machines in regard to text creation is known as hybrid editing.

Some basic factors have to be considered before starting to use or selecting a suitable NLG software:

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