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AI-powered content generation solution for the digital age

AX Semantics software is intuitive and quickly able to generate all the content needed to keep pace with your business needs. See how the automated language generation software works!

How it works

100% easy-to-use software as a service

Our tools give you access to the complete Natural Language Generation toolchain: 100% SaaS – everything
is available from your desk via your web browser, no programming skills are needed.

1. Upload your data

The content basis for automated content creation is structured data such as product information from PIM systems. You import this data, for example, as a CSV file or via an API interface to AX Semantics.

2. Configure your ruleset

You configure your content project by defining rules and statements in the desired tonality and style. You will find out exactly how this works in our interactive e-learning course and from your personal Customer Success contact person - he or she will support and advise you.

3. Generate your content

Once you have a first version ready, you can generate individual texts for all desired data sets with just one click. You can update and regenerate your texts as often as you like.

All languages that you'll ever need

With AX Semantics you can generate quality content in nearly every language. Whether German, English, French, Finnish, or Chinese - more than 110 languages are provided in our Natural Language Generation software.

Also multilingual text generation is possible. Semantic rules in your project are created separately from the language and can therefore be applied to any language. These synergies lead to the fact that with AX Semantics you can localize content incredibly fast into several languages.

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and > 100 more languages

Unique features for your content success

Multi- and Cross Language Text Generation

  • MULTI-LANGUAGE: Generate text in any of our 110 languages.
  • CROSS-LANGUAGE: Convert your input data set into other languages.
  • REGIONAL: Adapt your content to regional language variations (like Brazilian Portuguese).

Natural Language Output based on Structured Data

  • NLG: Convert Data into high-quality written text.
  • DATA STRUCTURE AGNOSTIC: Configure your project to any kind of data structure.
  • DATA TRANSFORMATION: Clean or transform your data according to your ideas directly in our tool (Full Extract-Transform-Load toolchain).
  • SEVERAL FORMATS: Import and export your data and text output in JSON, CSV or Excel format.

Intuitive Inline Editor

  • MULTI-USER COLLABORATION: Edit and configure with multiple users at the same time
  • REAL-TIME EDITING & LIVE PREVIEW: Write, configure and preview your text elements directly and live in the editor based on your data.
  • COPY/PASTE: Share parts of your configuration between projects through Copy and Paste.
  • UNDO/REDO: Test changes and correct errors easily with Undo and Redo.
  • TEXT FORMATTING: Use Markdown for text formatting and add headlines, bolding and more to your texts.
  • BRANCHES: Branch off at any point of your statement to create variance and compare logical conditions and variations visually.

Easy-To-Use Interface

  • COMPOSER: Write like in any text editor.
  • REVIEW & VERSIONING: Preview your content before generating it and use Draft/Publish states for your projects.
  • GRAMMAR UI: Configure the grammar by clicking and selecting the suitable grammar options.
  • ANALYZE: Explore and analyze your data clearly.
  • NARRATE: Plan your text structure and the different stories you want to tell.
  • LEXICON: Enter project specific grammatical exceptions for domain knowledge.
  • PROJECTS: Create several projects with different data and text output.
  • TEAMS: Easily control access for multiple teams with different team members.

Interactive Tutorials & Live Support

  • LIVE CHAT: Get real-time support from our Customer Success Team.
  • TICKETING SYSTEM: Track issues and support requests with ease.
  • INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS AND GUIDES: Complete the interactive e-learning in the tool to get to know it and benefit from searchable documentations, examples and webinars.

Fully Automated Workflows

  • PUBLISHING WORKFLOW: Using Draft/Publish states for continuous deployment of your text production and ruleset development
  • API: Integrate any system with our REST API.
  • API CLIENT CODE GENERATION: Generate client codes interactively in 13 different programming languages.
  • DIRECT API (WITH EPHEMERAL COMPUTING): Generate texts in real-time for live integrations (– no data is saved for processing).
  • INSTANT GENERATIONS: Connect your data source by bridging between different systems, e.g. from your PIM to your online shop.
  • TOKEN BASED AUTH: Use the API without giving away your username/password.
  • PLUGINS: Ready-made Plugins for tools like Zapier, Magento and Shopware.
  • WEBHOOKS: Integrate into any system with Push transfer.
  • SIGNED WEBHOOKS: Ensure End-to-End security while publishing automatically.

Want to try? Check if it works for you!

See if our software will work well for you.
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