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The Why & How of Content Experience Design – Robert Weller

Imagine you going to a candy store to get some chocolate. You buy a bar, see some licorice drops and cookies you do not like and then leave the store because all the other products are stored in built-in cupboards. Although you would have been willing to buy more sweets, you had no idea what other delights were hidden behind the cabinets.

According to Robert Weller,  Director of Community & Education at konversionsKRAFT, many users make similar experiences on content platforms. “Passive content experiences don’t meet the audience where and when they are craving more information.”, he explained in his presentation. “The why and how of content experiences design”.  

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Robert Weller
Robert Weller

Even content companies like Youtube do not offer their users the content in a very smart way. Their recommendations are not based on actual user behavior, but the company rather relies on the users accessing the entire website theirself. In Robert Weller’s opinion, this is because companies pay too little attention to making the user journey a positive customer experience.

He explained the characteristics of a good user experience and also presented five important steps to optimize it. If you want to learn more about this, we recommend you the exclusive interview with Robert Weller. Here he explains what content experience means, how the success of content can be measured and evaluates the potential for content automation.

“Understanding both, content discovery and content consumption, is the key to success.”

Robert Weller

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