Let's Develop Your Optimal Project Approach With "Project L"

Lay the foundation for an optimal project strategy to efficiently plan and implement your AX project with a large product assortment or many product categories.


Free 1:1 Workshop

Whether you are an established customer or planning to start using AX Semantics soon: In a free, two-hour 1:1 workshop, we will work with you to develop the right strategy for texting your product categories as efficiently as possible with AX Semantics.

With the right project strategy, you can go deep in terms of content as well as quickly text a wide range of products. The magic word is "Project L".

"Project L" means that you first text one product category in detail and in depth. Then, instead of moving on to the next category and then the next, you text the features that are common to many product categories. In this way, you quickly achieve a high level of cross-category coverage.

Still sounds abstract? That will change in our workshop. Submit the form now and let's find a date together!

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What you can expect at the workshop

Identifying suitable categories

Analyzing your data and features to plan horizontal texting

Jointly creating initial sentences for the horizontal project approach

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