New Features:
"Write First"!

Creativity 👩‍💼  +  Automation 🤖 

Following the "Augmented Human" principle: the software assists you as a writer to create your own Natural Language Generation projects.

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  • Variable Auto Suggest

    Creates extraction from your data automatically by detecting yet unused information, and creating all necessary ETL procedures.

  • Container Suggestions while Typing

    The software looks at your written text, analyses the grammar, and suggests container and compatible data extraction.

  • Container for Group of Words

    Containers now contain whole phrases, with internal variations and synonyms - automatically fulfilling grammatical requirements.

  • Relationships in sentences

    Powered by a full set of Natural Language Generation features, linking various parts in a whole sentences together.

  • Multi-User Editing and real-time Preview

    Collaborate by using our real-time multiplayer UI, which uses your real data to show your inline preview on every aspect.

  • Scaled Content production

    Scaled generation up to millions of texts per day and real-time support with SLA'ed content production.

  • Data Analysis & ETL

    Analyze features to inspect your data and a fully-featured data transformation tool with a visual UI.

  • Multi-Language NLG

    Generate content in up to 110 Languages, incl. cross-language generation

Variable Autosuggest

Connecting your data to the text
 and inspiring your writing.

Auto-Suggest while typing

While you are writing, the machine analyzes the text and connects grammar and data automatically – real-time while you are writing.

Container for Group of Words

Configure whole dynamic phrases in one container,
and let the machine mix and match variations.

Dynamic grammar: the full power of NLG

Easily setup complex scenarios with relationship in sentences that arise when the data gets a little more complicated. – this is what Natural Language Generation is about.

Multi-Language Support

This works for non-English languages
like Spanish, French or German, as well!

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