Enormous Time Savings through Automated Product Descriptions - an Experience Report from AKKU SYS GmbH

Enormous Time Savings through Automated Product Descriptions - an Experience Report from AKKU SYS GmbH

Akku SYS GmbH is a specialist for batteries and accumulators with more than 16,000 business customers in Germany and Europe. Recently the company has been using AX Semantics' software to generate automated product descriptions. In this interview, AKKU SYS tells us about their experiences and the successes they have achieved so far.

What do you use the automatic content generation software for?

We use the AX software to create product descriptions for our various online stores in the field of batteries and lubricants.

How many texts have you already generated/are you planning to generate?

Currently we have automated product descriptions for about 1,200 products. However, this is only a small part of our product range. We are planning to roll out the automation further and will also start the internationalization for our other European stores in the next few months.

Product description for Castrol engine oil created with AX Semantics

What challenge do you solve with AX Semantics software?

We deal with many products that are similar in terms of specifications. For these we need unique descriptions, which we can adapt quickly and in mass if necessary. We don't have the capacity to have all products texted by our specialists. Therefore, we rely on good product data and automation.

How many people in which roles work with AX Semantics?

Currently only one person works directly in the tool. This person creates and optimizes the sentence structures there. The granular product data required for this is processed and maintained by a colleague.

When we started with AX, we created a test project with your partner hmmh, so there were more people involved. 

"The collaboration with the two project managers was a lot of fun for me and the team and led to a good result. We are pleased to have given AKKU SYS a good start in text automation with AX Semantics as part of our onboarding."

Katharina Meyer, HMMH AG

Are you already seeing effects from the use of automated product descriptions? If so, which ones?

We have set up an A/B test with Google Optimize for a battery segment. Among other things, we compared the conversion rate of handwritten and automatically written texts. We were not able to measure any significant difference, which is a confirmation for us: the automated descriptions are indistinguishable from handwritten ones, but save time in creation.

What are your plans for the future (more text types, languages, etc.)?

In the course of internationalization, we will have our typesetting translated into other languages. We also like the topic of personalization - here we are curious about the new developments at your company.

“Two employees at AKKU SYS who are responsible for the product descriptions have already successfully used the automated content generation of AX Semantics at their former employer. Due to their positive experiences with the software, they decided to use AX Semantics at AKKU SYS as well.”

Peter Schmitt, the Customer Success Agent responsible for AKKU SYS

Lisa Bleser and Vanessa Wurster, thank you both for the insights into your work with AX Semantics!

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