Top 10 NLG Software in 2021

Top Natural Language Generation (NLG) Software in 2021

Natural Language Generation is a fast-growing sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. No wonder since the need for written and audio content is ever-increasing in many businesses and human-made texts are expensive and take long in production. NLG software optimizes that process and therefor saves time and costs by analyzing structured data and translating them to text.

What is NLG software, how does it work and where is it used?

Natural language generation software can convert data into language and therefore create written and spoken text. Therefore, its importance for many types of business cannot be neglected. It can automatically generate informative content such as reports and summaries without needing a human for the time-consuming tasks of analyzing data and writing the content.

The use of NLG technologies especially makes sense for companies that work with a lot of structured data as the basis of their content. They typically belong to industries such as e-commerce, finance and banking, pharma, insurance, or media and publishing. Natural language generation can, however, be beneficial for a wide variety of businesses that do not belong to one of the industries mentioned.

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Researching software, identifying relevant information, and finding the right fit can be a tedious process. We have provided an overview of ten top Natural Language Generation vendors below:

1. AX Semantics

AX Semantics software is based on a self-service principle with e-learning modules, onboarding, and live support. Customers can start creating automated text within 48 hours. The software is used by globally successful brands like Porsche and Nivea. AX Semantics put great emphasis on UI and UX, meaning that the software interface is intuitive and clear. The software is 100% SaaS and does not require any programming or IT consultation. Noteworthy analytics features are the Grammar UI for correction and proofreading, and the Unique Content check. Text generation is possible in more than 110 languages with AX Semantics and is not limited to specific text types or industries.

2. Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is an NLG software for Neural Text-To-Speech services. Deep learning technologies synthesize natural sounding human speech to build speech-enabled applications and solutions. Amazon Polly offers dozens of lifelike voices in various languages, real-time-streaming and the customization and control of speech output. It stands out by offering a pay-as-you-go pricing model.


Arria NLG Platform combines cutting-edge techniques in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics, analyzes large data sets and automatically writes reports on what is happening within the data at vast speed and scale, without human intervention. The content can be extracted in written or spoken form.


Wordsmith was the world’s first public natural language generation (NLG) engine that allows users to generate human-sounding narratives from data. It is a self-service platform offering narrative customization, an API for publishing, and real-time content updates. The range of use cases includes BI dashboard analysis and client communications as well as video game narrative and recaps of fantasy football matches.


ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech software that can read selected sections of written content or entire pages. They offer more than 200 voices in more than 50 languages and have over 20 years of experience in language analytics and processing, in which they were able to accumulate over 10,000 customers worldwide. ReadSpeaker is a SaaS solution.


SpeechKit adds text-to-speech audio to websites within seconds, enabling users to alternatively consume written content. The software is connected to Amazon Polly and Google WaveNet, thus offering a variety of voices and languages. The generated audio content can be published on platforms like Apple Music, Google Podcasts and Spotify. is a self-service SaaS solution for automated text generation. It connects artificial intelligence to content marketing strategies and is suited for multi-size companies. It offers intelligent linguistic analysis, an intuitive interface, the creation of SEO texts, an automatic translation function, limitless scalability, and personalized onboarding support.


Yseop is a natural language generation (NLG) technology offering solutions that utilize artificial intelligence to make sense of complex data sets and generate high-quality written narratives at scale. The software offers specialist tools for complex financial and medical writing, and sales automation. Yseop translates data into texts in English, French, German, and Spanish Languages.

9.MS Azure

MS Azure features the Azure Text to Speech API that helps building apps and services that speak naturally. It offers more than 100 voices and covers over 45 languages and variants, as well as different speaking styles and emotional tones to fit the use cases of their customers.

10.IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an NLG software focused on Text-to-Speech that generates human-like audio from written text. The underlying algorithm can interact with users in multiple languages and tones. With IBM Watson users can develop interactive products for call center interaction, hands-free communication, and automated customer service interactions.


NLG software offers insights in the complexity of machine learning and processing. All of our top 10 solutions for Natural Language Generation have some things in common: The softwares work on the basis of science by processing language, and learning from data, and create a narrative that can be used by various businesses and customers.

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